The Perfect Time for Group Fitness Classes

The Perfect Time for Group Fitness Classes

August 28, 2023

Whenever we try to invite people to group fitness classes, there is another aspect we must never forget, besides the quality of the training session – and that is to organize and schedule the classes at the most convenient time of the day. It is essential to consider time because not every gym member has the same daily schedule. There are specific moments during the day when scheduling a fitness class can benefit participants in a better way than at other times.

In this discussion, we will explore the best times for group fitness classes, how to involve more people during different times of the day, and the importance of planning a class schedule to achieve successful group fitness programs properly.

Before we begin with the peak hours for fitness classes analysis. An advice we can give to gym owners is to try to find their own specific peak hours schedule, since every fitness center counts with a different type of client and gym users. A good example of a correct management of timing and scheduling is Crunch Fitness, With Crunch-O-Meter, customers and gym users will have the possibility of seeing the real time capacity of their gyms locations. Making it easier for them to schedule their training sessions and fitness classes they want to attend according to their schedule and preferences.  

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Analyzing Peak Hours 

To determine the appropriate time for your fitness class, an essential aspect to consider is analyzing your fitness center’s peak hours. Peak hours refer to the moments during the day when the fitness center experiences higher foot traffic and more people using its facilities. Once you identify the exact peak hours of your fitness center, scheduling your group classes at those times will benefit you and the gym users.

A good way to start analyzing peak hours is by surveying your gym users. You can provide them with questions related to the times they typically prefer to train at the gym. This will give you a better understanding of when more people tend to do their workouts.

However, fitness centers usually have some standard time schedules for the classes that they follow. 

Early Morning Classes

Early morning classes are always a good option. Before starting their work day respective activities, a lot of gym users prefer to wake up early in the morning and do their group exercise classes routines. Taking advantage of early mornings will work out perfectly if you decide to schedule a group fitness class. 

Some advantages that gym users can experience by attending group workouts and exercising early in the mornings are the following: 

  • Improves sleep quality 
  • Increase energy levels 
  • Increased alertness
  • Better focus on daily activities

Early morning classes are an excellent alternative for people that want to start their day in a healthy way and full of energy. Scheduling cardio and resistance classes, or high intensity interval training will help you to feel great during the day.

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Lunchtime Classes 

Another idea for the group class schedule is during lunchtime. Many workers utilize their lunch breaks to visit fitness centers and exercise. Whether they are not early morning people or prefer not to work out later in the day, lunchtime classes are another suitable option for you to have a class packed with participants.  

Some benefits that gym users find about training during their lunchtime are the following: 

  • More sleeping time 
  • Finding a break from work 
  • Increased energy during and after lunch break 

For people who enjoy taking a break from work and optimizing their energy levels, lunchtime is the perfect time to go and do fitness classes. Some recommended classes to schedule during lunchtime are strength training and cardio classes.

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Evening Hours

During the evening, after working hours, we are confident that you have experienced a full and crowded fitness center. Evening hours are strong peak hours because it is the time of day when working gym users have the opportunity to attend their training sessions and fitness classes. Evening hours are particularly suitable for people who don’t enjoy working out early in the morning and prefer to train and experience a relaxing sensation before going to sleep.

Some of the benefits that users find with evening hours include:

  • Boost your muscle strength 
  • Improves sleeping cycle 
  • Reduces stress levels 
  • Increases energy levels

Evening hours classes are ideal for gym users that prefer to release their energy and stress through workout sessions and group fitness programs. The evening is the perfect time to schedule classes for users who like to end their day healthily. A recommendation would be to include a yoga class, a Zumba class, and one or two cardio classes. This way, the latest evening class group will end the session relaxed and ready to have a good night.

Weekend Options 

Finally, we have weekend fitness class options. Contrary to what people believe, weekends are strong days to schedule fitness classes. Usually, those who don’t have the time to train during the week prefer to go to the fitness center during the weekends, because it is the time of the week when they have more free time to do a proper workout and enjoy their activities. With weekend options, your class attendance will increase and packed classes will be seen in your facilities.

Some of the advantages of providing gym users with weekend options for fitness classes are the following: 

  • More scheduling hours possibilities 
  • A more enjoyable experience for users 
  • Working people have more possibilities to attend 
  • A good option to finish the week

Weekend options fitness classes will be perfect for people who want to clear their minds and enjoy a weekend with no type of pressure. In the case of weekend options, because most users rather go and do their group fitness program during the mornings, you have the possibility of mixing your classes options, from strength training to hiit class.

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Trial and Error 

We know it can be hard to find the perfect timing and schedule for your fitness classes to have a bigger impact on your gym users, that is why even when we already provided you with some tips and elements for you to implement your fitness classes, it is always advisable to submit your classes into trial and errors timings schedules. A mock class schedule outlined is an advisable option. That way, you will have better control over the times of the day, how many classes can you add, and an existing class schedule that you have tried and didn’t work.


If you are thinking about implementing your fitness classes, besides considering the best timing options, also try to make it dynamic. Fitness users can feel curious about other fitness classes that are not at a time of the day when they are available to attempt

 By providing a diverse schedule, you give the chance to those users to try different Fitness Classes with the possibility of gaining a new member for the class. 

Crunch’s group fitness classes and personal trainers promote a culture of fun with no judgments. It is an environment built for all types of individuals with various goals. Find a Crunch gym near you to try our free trial membership, or join Crunch now. 

With Crunch-O-Meter, you will have the facility of displaying a real time gym capacity at your gym location, making it easier for you to avoid peak hours in case you are looking for empty facilities and equipment. Also, if you enjoy group fitness classes and would like to avoid attempting to go to your gym and finding a fully booked class, we invite you to the online Crunch app. With the Crunch app, you’ll be able to see the vacancy in the class of your preference and avoid losing your spot for the training session. 


Will I get more benefits if I train at a specific time of the day? 

No, even when the benefits are a little different, you will have the same amount of benefits for your body if you train in the morning or evening. As long as you properly train during your sessions, the results will be the same 

What classes are going to be better for me? 

Depending on what your goal is, you will have a variety of classes to choose from and also the chance to explore and decide which one you enjoy the most.

Is it a good idea to mix up classes during my routines?

Absolutely. Because each class works with different body parts and muscles, it is always advisable to mix up classes so you can have a more complete training experience.

Crunch’s group fitness classes promote a culture of fun with no judgments. It’s an environment for all types of individuals with various goals. Find a Crunch gym near you to try our free trial membership, or join Crunch now. Your goals are made to be crushed. With Crunch, you’ll have the tools, resources, and support to make it happen.

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