Top 5 Reasons to Try a Variety of Classes at the Gym

Top 5 Reasons to Try a Variety of Classes at the Gym

April 4, 2023

Meet your group fitness match! 

Written by Lexie Dejewski

Everybody has a favorite food item – don’t judge, but mine is a good, old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwich.  Since I was a kid, there is nothing better than perfectly toasted bread, soft gooey cheese, and melted butter (yum, I can almost taste it now). However, if I could ONLY eat grilled cheese, it would eventually lose its appeal.  I think we can also agree that it would not meet many of my nutritional needs – which is sad, but true.  This is the exact reason why at Crunch we offer our members a literal smorgasbord of Group Fitness classes. After all, since 1989, our goal is to “make serious fitness fun! “ 

HIIT Group fitness class

If you want classes, we have over ninety (yes, nine zero) proprietary formats, designed for every fitness type and level! With that said, here are five quick tips to help you find your perfect “group fitness match.”

1. If you’re a Yogi – We have eight different Yoga formats, including Hatha Flow, Yoga Body Sculpt, Loaded Yoga. and OmHIIT. Other popular mind/body formats include Fat Burning Pilates and Iron Mat, which is Pilates incorporating light hand weights.

2. If dance is more your thing – Crunch offers a vast array of dance formats including Videography, So You Think You Can’t Dance, Ultimate Dance Party, and Dance to HIIT.  

3. If you’re looking to tone & build muscle – Round out your fitness routine with strength training formats such as Stacked, Chisel, and Push Point. 

4. If cardio is your jam – Oh, we have some heart-pumping options for you! High-Intensity Interval classes such as Speed Play & Overdrive will burn those calories, while Cardio Tai Box, The Ladder, and our indoor cycling class, The Ride, will do the job, as well.

5. If you have limited time and can’t decide – We got you! We literally have TONS of multi-modal formats where you can sweat, tone, burn calories, and have fun – all at the same time.  Classics such as Cardio Sculpt are revisited in formats such as Stacked, All Out Athlete, The Push Point, and 30 in 30, and I haven’t even touched on our AMAZING HIITZone! This 3000+ square foot turfed area is where you can slam balls, swing kettlebells, box jump, flip tires, punch bags, and push sleds with over 15 different class formats to choose from.

dance group fitness classes

So many people fall off their fitness routines because they either get bored or don’t see the results they want. I get it! Group Fitness classes are the perfect remedy for boredom, and you will see results.  Why not let our licensed professional Instructors do the hard work for you by offering a well-rounded exercise routine? All you have to do is show up and join in the fun!

And, if you have been stuck in a routine where you think you only enjoy one form of exercise – break out of your comfort zone!  Try something new.  Your workout routine should be well-rounded and varied.  Our Group Fitness schedules are designed to foster “cross-training,” where you can take a dance class, a core class, and a toning class all in one evening.  And if you’re not feeling up to that challenge today, you can choose just one – and that’s ok because our philosophy is always “No Judgments.”

 Lexie Dejewski is a franchise regional group fitness manager for Crunch Fitness.

Crunch’s group fitness classes promote a culture of fun with no judgments. It’s an environment for all types of individuals with various goals. Find a Crunch gym near you to try our free trial membership, or join Crunch now. Your goals are made to be crushed. With Crunch, you’ll have the tools, resources, and support to make it happen.

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