How would you describe Crunch from when you first joined the company? What year was that?

How would you describe Crunch from when you first joined the company? What year was that?

April 11, 2024

Tara Crosby, District Sales Manager: I’d say Crunch was gritty, fun, untamed, and edgy when I joined on July 28, 2005.

Dianne Clemente, Equipment & Projects Manager: I joined on August 4th, 2005, and Crunch was a lot more wild when I started. This includes the true history of Crunch’s ‘No Judgments’ mission statement. Two words: ‘Chinese laundry.’

Sarah Sung, Group Fitness Instructor: When I first joined Crunch, it was edgy and known for its kickboxing and boot camp classes, which was probably around 2010. The energy and vibe still exist today.

Bishop Garland, Group Fitness Instructor: Crunch was considered one of the elite places to teach. Classes had 40+ people in them, and the community of members was awesome

crunch employee
On behalf of Sarina Jain, Group Fitness Instructor

Andre Cravens, Crunch Group Fitness Manager: Previously I worked for Bally’s, and I was a member of Crunch around 1998-99. I joined Crunch in 2006 as a Personal Trainer and GF Instructor. At that time, Crunch was fun, expressive, and unique for the SF Bay Area.

Victoria Fernans-Moore, Group Fitness Instructor: Actually, Crunch bought our Gym, Club Body Tech in South Beach, which I believe was around 1997. I arrived at Club Body Tech in 1994 and met Donna C, who I talked into hiring me to teach my choreographed dance class called Dance de la Soul three times a week. I’m happy to say that I am still teaching Dance de la Soul, and some members are still with us although, with Miami’s growth, some have moved away. However, many come back on Saturdays for my class.

Louis Rosales, District Sales Manager: I started in December of 1999. The original owner had a different vision to make Crunch a fun place to work out. We were the new kids on the block.

Danielle Wettan, Group Fitness Instructor: I joined Crunch in 2007, and I just loved the vibe.

Sarina Jain, Group Fitness Instructor: Crunch has been the same since I first joined. This company has been all about the team, all about community, and all about bringing a good sweat to members of the gym.

crunch employee
On behalf of Liz Barkan, Group Fitness Instructor

Patty Yuen, Group Fitness Instructor: I was a member before I became an instructor, along with Marc, Michelle W, Zuta, and others. Crunch was a small studio, and classes were pay-per-class. I was notified that this is my 20th anniversary, so the year I became an instructor must have been 2004.

Ronni Carlier, Group Fitness Instructor: I was so nervous to begin teaching as a group instructor! My team leader was so helpful and encouraging. It was so long ago that I cannot recall the year!

Carolyn Divone, Sr. Director, Operational / Informational Systems: I joined in 2003, and we have always been the most innovative in the industry for our Group Fitness classes. Now, we are operationally innovative as well for our contactless check-in using Amazon One.

Liz Barkan, Group Fitness Instructor: Crunch Charles Street with two big studios with one fan. It was intense and amazing!

Carole Steinhäuser, Operations Manager: When I first joined Crunch, back in 2007, the scene was more chaotic, especially in South Beach, where it was the epitome of ‘cool.’ Despite the chaos, Crunch stood out as the place to be. Over the years, the gym has evolved, but its “No Judgments” philosophy and core essence of fun, diversity, and inclusivity remains unchanged. It’s been a journey of personal growth for me, from initially feeling introverted to confidently embracing my role as an instructor and eventually transitioning into management. Crunch provided the platform for me to discover my true self for which I’ll forever be grateful.

Amita Balla, Vice President, Brand Excellence: It is incredibly different from when I started! We are much larger and more structured, which is a good thing. There is much more opportunity, too. I was a member in 2002 and started working in Crunch in 2007 officially.

Crunch Employee
On behalf of Colin Kim, Group Fitness Instructor

Carrie Schneider, Group Fitness Instructor: Crunch was the first place I started teaching yoga around 1998, unbelievably. The yoga program then was first-rate, where teachers included Jivamukti founder Sharon G, OM Yoga founder Cindy L, and other fine instructors who went on to influence New York yoga for decades.

John Merrion, Director of Sales: I began in 2009, and I was the second employee for Crunch Franchise. I helped sell memberships for the first Crunch franchise.

Clifford Hahn, Group Fitness Instructor: I joined Crunch after they took over a former Golds gym on 54th St in 2007. I’ve been with Crunch going on 20 years and teach spin.

Beth Jo Phillips, Group Fitness Instructor: I started in 1999, which was 25 years ago. It still has the same awesome energy!

Bob Lopez, WC Facilities Manager: I started working for Crunch on 10/14/2009. I had been working for 24 Hour Fitness for over 25 years when Mr. Mike F reached out to me and told me that Mark Mastrov (former owner of 24 Hour Fitness) started a company called NEV, and they had just purchased Crunch Fitness and would like for me to be in charge of the West Coast Facilities for Crunch. I jumped at that opportunity.

Ellen Spivak, Group Fitness Instructor: Honestly, it was very much the same then as now – the same feeling of irreverence, No Judgments, and being able to be myself both as a teacher and enabling the members to be the same. I was a member of Crunch from 1999-2001, and I loved Crunch for the same reasons. I joined as an instructor in 2001.

crunch employee
On behalf of Dianne Clemente, Equipment & Projects Manager

Colin Kim, Group Fitness Instructor: I began teaching for Crunch in 2002, though did not come on to payroll until the next year. I was asked to “show that I could build an audience,” and I did come on to payroll sometime the next year. This has been 21 years of total employment with Crunch – a place of true “No Judgments.”

Taz Shirota, Master Trainer: Long live Embarcadero, where it was called Pinnacle Fitness and was owned by the Ballys brand along with Crunch. The neighborhood at one point, pre-pandemic, bloomed over 200% in population growth from the early 2000s to the late 2010s.

Michelle Opperman, Group Fitness Regional Director: I first joined in 2006 for a very quick run in NYC before making my home SF in 2007. Crunch from day one always felt super fun, so I never left.

Kirstin Williams, Group Fitness Instructor: I first joined the team at the Van Ness and Polk Street locations. The Van Ness location was so huge, and I loved the vibrancy in the club. Polk Street used to be a theater, so both were such cool buildings! The gyms embraced all people. I remember when I came in to sign the paperwork with my youngest son Kekoa on my chest in a wrap he was 1 month old and felt so welcome.

Sugen Ramos, District Fitness Manager: I joined in 2003. We have grown so much, and we have had so many positive changes. Through the changes, Crunch never lost its mission, to have a fun environment.

Randi Zinker, Corporate Accounts Manager: Crunch has grown tremendously over the years, and most of the players have remained the same, which has been truly inspirational. I came to Crunch in November 2008.

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