Why have you stayed with Crunch?

Why have you stayed with Crunch?

April 9, 2024

Tara Crosby, District Sales Manager: Frank P is one of the reasons, as he’s the best boss I’ve ever worked for. I also love what I do every day, and I love the Crunch brand and how it aligns with my own cares and values. I’ve grown with and up with the company, and in doing so, I’ve been able to contribute to team members and the organization through the use of my skillsets and commitment to help others.

Juan M. Villafranca, Operations Manager: My co-workers are why I’ve been with Crunch since 2007.

Dianne Clemente, Equipment & Projects Manager: Having a different job every few years has really kept my interest here. I was first hired to work the front desk, and six months later, I was an MOD. Then, one year later, I saw another promotion and then another promotion. I spent many times crossing departments, which included operations, group fitness, facilities, and construction.

Sarah Sung, Group Fitness Instructor: The members are great. In SF, many of the gyms are in neighborhoods, so the community we build in class is really special. As an instructor, I feel encouraged and supported all the way around.

Bishop Garland, Group Fitness Instructor: They have a fairly solid competitive wage, and the members have always been good to me.

crunch employees
On behalf of Tara Crosby, District Sales Manager

Andre Cravens, Crunch Group Fitness Manager: I have stayed with Crunch because it has given me a sense of stability and reliability.

Victoria Fernans-Moore, Group Fitness Instructor: I embrace the fact that Crunch was always looking for new ways to bring people into fitness. I feel they were very innovative and creative, and I especially like the slogan “No Judgments.” Although many gyms opened in South Beach, I stayed with Crunch for these reasons and for the fantastic dance floor we have in our beautiful studio.

Louis Rosales, District Sales Manager: Besides the craziness of loving the cool atmosphere, the best answer is that I love working for someone (Frank P) who cares for his employees. I have loyalty to the brand.

Heinz Altieri, Group Fitness Instructor: I have been teaching for Crunch for “25” years. I stay for the clients who have been with me since day one. I am without a doubt one of the toughest instructors anywhere – my classes are filled and we sweat like crazy. Like I said, I love my students, and I sweat blood for them.

Danielle Wettan, Group Fitness Instructor: I’ve stayed with Crunch because I love what I do. I love the vibe, and Crunch is the best!

Sarina Jain, Group Fitness Instructor: I have stayed with Crunch because of the opportunities that have come my way. I feel indebted to Crunch for standing with me on my fitness journey, especially with Masala Bhangra.

Patty Yuen, Group Fitness Instructor: I still am proud to be at a gym whose tagline is “No Judgments.” I also have the best co-workers – the group fitness family is amazing! The encouragement to learn new modalities and to learn from each other really makes it feel like a family.

bhangra class
On behalf of Sarina Jain, Group Fitness Instructor

Ronni Carlier, Group Fitness Instructor: I have always felt welcomed, appreciated, and respected by the management, employees, and members.

Carolyn Divone, Sr. Director, Operational / Informational Systems: We are the best brand in the industry – innovatively, alternatively, and the most fun!

Liz Barkan, Group Fitness Instructor: I love everything about Crunch. The people, the progressive education, and most of all the culture.

Michael Lewis, Group Fitness Instructor: My favorite thing about working for Crunch is the members.

Carole Steinhäuser, Operations Manager: My journey with Crunch has been nothing short of transformative. From finding my passion in group fitness to advancing into management roles, every step has been a testament to the supportive culture and opportunities Crunch offers. During challenging times, like the pandemic, Crunch stood by its employees, allowing me to thrive even amidst adversity. My greatest accomplishment lies not just in my professional achievements but in the personal growth I’ve experienced alongside the brand. I stay with Crunch because I believe in its mission and its unwavering commitment to its employees and members alike.

Amita Balla, Vice President, Brand Excellence: I have stayed with Crunch because of the leaders in this company, I can be myself, and I truly love the work! We also get to sell health and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Carrie Schneider, Group Fitness Instructor: I still teach at Crunch because of its huge welcoming environment, great inclusivity, and wonderful members, including a handful of students from that far back!

crunch employee
Ellen Spivak, Group Fitness Instructor

John Merrion, Director of Sales: Crunch has brought great people, a great culture, and a great product offering.

Clifford Hahn, Group Fitness Instructor: I love Crunch and how its “No Judgments” mantra has allowed me to grow in addition to the number of classes the brand offers. I love teaching my classes and getting the positive results from all my students. I’ve stayed because it is a beautiful community and allows me to have the most fun and amazing classes

Beth Jo Phillips, Group Fitness Instructor: It’s a vibrant place that lifts everyone up, including me even through difficult times in life. Now, I’d have to say it certainly keeps me feeling young!

Bob Lopez, WC Facilities Manager: I have hired all of my own techs for all the clubs and feel that I have a crew second to none. I am loyal and proud to work at Crunch.

Eric Forand, Group Fitness Manager: The people – from every department – it’s the people. As a group fitness instructor and manager, every day we get to perspire to greatness together.

Frank Pasquale, Vice President, Sales: I love my team. Being able to work side by side with them, helping this brand grow and evolve has been a very rewarding professional journey

Ellen Spivak, Group Fitness Instructor: I feel great pride being an instructor with Crunch because it’s such a great company. Again, that’s why I was a member also. The bar is set high for instructors, and the club itself holds to that standard. I honestly feel I can be myself, and be respected, accepted, and rewarded for that.

Taz Shirota, Master Trainer: The higher-ups at Crunch have treated me well. I enjoy working for a company that’s treated me fair, and given me the opportunity that I wouldn’t have had elsewhere.

crunch employee
On behalf of Colin Kim, Group Fitness Instructor

Michelle Opperman, Group Fitness Regional Director: My favorite part is the people. To get to work and collaborate with some of the BEST. I feel seen, heard, and supported.

Kirstin Williams, Group Fitness Instructor: They are innovative and always sharing new styles to teach and keep us motivated with their support. I also love going to NYC to take classes and get new inspiration. I’m thankful they supported me in teaching anti-gravity yoga in all forms. I love it, and it’s been life-changing.

Sugen Ramos, District Fitness Manager: I have stayed because I have been fortunate to be surrounded by mentors who have helped me grow tremendously.

Randi Zinker, Corporate Accounts Manager: Crunch has become my chosen family. We have “grown up” together.

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