10 Minute Vacation Workout

10 Minute Vacation Workout

October 1, 2023

Nicole Morales 

This workout is full body and can be done with no equipment in 10 minutes! Repeat these exercises in a circuit for 3-4 sets.

Body weight squats with a slow decent (3-5 sec to the bottom of the rep) for 15 reps

  •       Form Check! : Make sure knees track over toes, the spine and neck are in line as you make your way to parallel with the floor. If you feel yourself tipping over excessively, try widening your stance!woman doing squats


Superset: Pushups 15-20 reps (regular plank position or on knees)

  •       Form Check! : Keep your body in a solid plank- brace your core, push the ground away, use your exhale as a rocket!


Superset: Mountain climbers 15-20 reps

  • Form Check! : Alternating knee to elbow with control, tight core, don’t let the lower back sway between reps!

woman doing mountain climbers

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