Bodyweb with TRX CIRCUIT

Bodyweb with TRX CIRCUIT

March 28, 2024

This circuit training class uses the TRX® suspension trainer and dedicated CARDIO STATIONS to combine strength, balance, and cardio for one kick-butt workout. Partner up and cycle through stations within timed intervals to keep you on your toes! 

Why Try Bodyweb with TRX Circuit? 

Cast your web and move like Spiderman through this intense, full body superhuman training session! Bodyweb with TRX® is a drill-based bodyweight workout, delivering cardio and strength that will leave you feeling like a superhero! Learn to push, pull, lift, and move your own body weight through a nonstop, challenging, Avengers-worthy workout! 

What Is Bodyweb with TRX Circuit Like?  

You’re in control in this fiercely fun bodyweight strength training class using the TRX straps. Promise, you’ll feel like you’re a superhero. Load the muscles to the max while keeping your joints safe. You will use your spidey senses (and the laws of physics) to decide whether to change positions, angles and follow the hard, harder, and hardest options. There’s always a way to tailor every exercise for the rookies and our gym warriors. You alternate between conquering strength moves and cardio drills on the floor to become the ultimate strong superhuman you are.  


Who Are Bodyweb by TRX Circuit Classes Best For? 

Bodyweb by TRX is truly for anyone and everyone looking for a full range of strength and cardio training, beginning each exercise with core strength. This low-impact strength training will challenge your muscles and improve your whole body while supporting your joints. There’s no complicated choreography here, only athletic-based strength and cardio drill exercises with an instructor who will have eyes on you for safety and to assist you with proper form and set-up. 

Is Bodyweb by TRX Circuit a Good Workout? 

Easily adaptable to any fitness level, Bodyweb with TRX®I s a great workout for all participants. Exercise drills are executed using a sports conditioning format, allowing each participant to work the drill to the best of their own ability. Elements of cardiovascular fitness, power, and strength are tested. The use of multiple level options makes Bodyweb with TRX® the ideal workout for the beginning exerciser as well as the seasoned pro. Expect to develop superpowers in these areas:
people in TRX Class

  • Strength. By using bodyweight and leveraging the suspension training of the TRX®, muscles are more heavily recruited, while joints are safe, resulting in more power and coordination of movement, as well as greater bone density and improved body composition. 
  • Flexibility. The TRX® allows for supported elongation of the muscle through the entire range of motion. Use of the suspension trainer permits a participant to ease into a stretch gradually with support. The benefits of flexibility include improved posture, decreased risk of injury, increased physical performance and reduced muscle soreness. 
  • Cardiovascular Training. Plyometric options and athletic-based exercises raise the heart rate, lowering the blood pressure and torching calories. Alternating between sports conditioning high intensity cardio drills and the TRX is the ultimate for cardiovascular fitness.  
  • Core Conditioning. Core strength and stability are the keys to all strength exercises, and the plank-based core foundation in all TRX exercises will develop participants’ ability to maintain balance, muscle coordination, and postural alignment 


How Difficult is Bodyweb with TRX Circuit? 

6/10. All fitness levels welcome. Options are available for all fitness levels. The exercises and drills are simple and athletic based. Each exercise can be executed with hard, harder, and hardest options to satisfy both beginners and beast mode. 

How Long Is Each Class? 

Bodyweb with TRX Circuit is 30 minutes and strengthens your total body. The time flies faster than Spiderman can scale a wall. You’ll feel so strong and satisfied after 30 minutes, knowing you have conquered every muscle, including your heart! 

What Should I Wear? 

Come ready to play. Typically, people wear sweat-wicking clothing that will offer ample coverage and will stay put and allow you to move with ease throughout the range of motion of exercises.  

Cross training Gym Shoes. Wear comfortable shoes that offer support and stability as you push, pull, and jump during class.  

What do I need to Bring? 

Hydrate my friend! Make sure you have plenty of water with you. Pack a towel to catch your sweat, as you will be perspiring to greatness! Most importantly, bring a great attitude and smile to share. 

What Types of Strength Classes Are Available? 

30 IN 30.

The ultimate challenge…30 exercises in 30 minutes. This class provides the ultimate cardio, strength, and power workout. Blaze through this signature workout that incorporates individual stations & a special station for teamwork. Can you complete 30 in 30? 

30-Second Solution.

Find your 30-Second Solution to success! Work through single, double, and triple stacks of exercises with a partner in this singular fitness solution that challenges your body in a flurry of 30-second work segments. Designed as a total body workout encompassing cardio, core, strength, and mobility, this 45-minute class packs a punch. Blaze through four blocks of SUPER STACKS and finish feeling invincible with your new favorite workout solution!  

All Out Athlete.

Take your workout to new heights utilizing state of the art equipment with the Slastix and the Resistance Runner designed by Stroops. Release your inner athlete building endurance and strength alternating between Strength and Cardio intervals. 

B30 Body.

Transform your body and see results quickly in this exclusive barbell based hard core strength workout. Push, pull and lift your way to extreme results. Crush your goals in no time with a mix of both upper and lower body work mixed with challenging core segments designed to rev your metabolism and transform your body! 

Bodyweb Circuit w TRX.

This circuit training class uses the TRX® and dumbbells to combine strength, balance, and cardio for one kick-butt workout. Partner up and cycle through stations, all done to timed intervals to keep you on your toes 

people in trx class

Cardio Tai Box.

A high energy: high impact blend of kicks and punches set to upbeat music. The perfect combination of martial arts, boxing, and cardiovascular training. 

Cardio Sculpt.

Experience nonstop body sculpting paired with heart-pumping cardio. Cardio Sculpt features upper and lower body strength training segments alternated with high-intensity cardio bursts designed to deliver a spectacular total body workout 

Fat -Burning Pilates.

Calorie burning cardio and Pilates based toning combine to maximize your fat burning potential. This is a fusion workout of ballet, rhythmic movement, and Pilates to shape your entire body and leave you empowered and energized. 


Take your workout to new heights as you layer stack upon stack of cardio and weight exercises. Build your way to the top of the pyramid with increasing time and exercise intensity along the way and prepare to dig deep to work your way back down. Let’s see how you Stack up. 

Work the Room.

In this jam-packed, wall-to-wall workout, you will Work the Room, exploring every inch of the studio and every piece of equipment available! Push your limits as a team at each station using a variety of equipment and a wide range of strength, cardio, core, and athletic drills. Each successive round of work drops in time but increases in intensity. Help your team push itself to new heights! Work the Room and crush some serious fitness goals! 

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