Cardio Tai Box

Cardio Tai Box

April 5, 2024

A high-energy, high-impact blend of kicks and punches set to upbeat music. The perfect combination of martial arts, boxing and cardiovascular training. 

Why Try Cardio Tai Box? 

Cardio Tai Box, a high-energy, high-impact class, is the perfect blend of kickboxing, martial arts and cardiovascular training. This one-of-a-kind class delivers powerful boxing drills and core training in a high-intensity, nonstop movement format that forgoes the need for equipment. The combination of kicks and punches, along with exciting cardio drills, elevate the heart rate and develop a powerful upper and lower body. Easy-to-execute boxing-inspired moves combine seamlessly with heart-pumping athletic drills to deliver an intense, fat-burning experience sure to bring you back for one more round! 

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What Is Cardio Tai Box Like? 

Cardiovascular training drills are linked together in a nonstop format designed to challenge your aerobic endurance. Combinations are taught in 3-minute progressive rounds using level options repeated on both sides. Each round finishes with a high-intensity Cardio Burst: a 30-second to one-minute-high intensity cardio drill between rounds. There are roughly 6 rounds per class to have you punching and jumping your way to peak fitness. 

Who Are Cardio Tai Box Classes Best For? 

All levels of fitness are welcome in this fun cardio workout. Options are demonstrated for plyometrics as well as low impact training.  

Is Cardio Tai Box a Good Workout?   

Cardio Tai Box strengthens the muscles of the upper and lower body, tones and shapes the entire body and provides a great cardiovascular workout. This action-packed class also focuses on strengthening and toning the core. 

  • Strength Gains. This high-intensity class strengthens both the upper and lower body using punches, kicks, and killer core work. 
  • Cardiovascular Fitness. Intense athletic cardio bursts set between boxing drill segments provide a heart-pounding multilevel cardiovascular workout that burns calories and strengthens the heart. 
  • Core Strength. Core conditioning drills are done at the end of the workout. Increased core strength helps to provide a firm base of support for virtually all movement. Strength and coordination of the core muscles is critical for exercise stability as well as for functional fitness. 

How Difficult is Cardio Tai Box? 

5/10. Easy-to-execute boxing-inspired moves combine seamlessly with heart-pumping athletic drills. The high energy, fun class is easy for anyone to follow, so people of all fitness levels will enjoy Cardio Tai Box.  

How Long Is Cardio Tai Box? 

Cardio Tai Box is 30 minutes of cardio bursts and boxing-inspired moves to deliver intense fat-burning fun.   

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What Should I Wear to Cardio Tai Box? 

Come ready to play. Typically, people wear sweat-wicking clothing that will offer ample coverage and will stay put and allow you to move with ease throughout the range of motion of exercises.  

Cross Training Gym Shoes.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that offer support and stability as you kick and punch your way through class.   

What do I need to Bring? 

Hydrate, my friend! Make sure you have plenty of water with you.  Also, pack a towel in your gym bag to catch your sweat, as you will be dripping and glistening. Most importantly, bring a great attitude and smile to share. 

What Types of  CARDIO Classes Are Available?

Cardio Tai Box.

A high energy: high impact blend of kicks and punches set to upbeat music. The perfect combination of martial arts, boxing and cardiovascular training. 

Dance to HIIT.

Hit the dance floor in this unique class that features high energy cardio dance combinations mixed with a touch of strength and core. Move, groove and shake your way to a total body workout. Listen to the latest hits and get ready to Dance toHIIT. 


Torch calories in this high intensity Tabata based cardio class designed to ignite the fire within. A unique combination of body weight exercises and specially designed burnout rounds ignite the fire in this workout. Sound the alarm and burn through 6 rounds of work with each round lighting a bigger fire through increased workload and intensity. 

Retro Robics. 

It’s a blast from the past! Work up a sweat with a touch of nostalgia in this heart-pumping, traditional aerobics class. This time around, legwarmers are optional! 


Bring the magic of dancing back with this cardio dance class combining easy-to-follow moves, which results in a fun finale! This nonstop format will have you dancing and grooving to feel-good music while breaking a sweat and having fun! Think you CAN’T dance? Think again! Soon you’ll dance like nobody’s watching! 

Speed Play.

A high energy: high impact blend of kicks and punches set to upbeat music. The perfect combination of martial arts, boxing and cardiovascular training.  

Tread N Shed.

This bad@ss cardio class will put you on the treadmill to melt away calories. In it, you’ll use sprints and slow walks with varying speeds and ramp heights to get a workout that’s got all the ups and downs of a roller coaster. 

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The Ultimate Dance Party.

It’s party time in this class! Let the music move you as you learn easy to follow dance combinations that are designed to elevate your heart rate and burn some serious calories. Once you’ve mastered the combos, prepare for a little friendly competition as you face off with your classmates in a team vs team dance off. 


The latest influences in hip-hop and street jazz come together in this high-energy, intense-cardio class. Feel like the star of a music video as you learn a hot routine in an easy-to-follow format. 

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