March 17, 2024

Bound for time? Bound for results? You’re bound to raise the bar in this singular workout that combines two types of strength training. Lift your way through barbell sets alternated with bound rounds and burnout sets utilizing heavy resistance bands to produce a grueling workout that will leave you unbelievably strong, focused and barbell bound. 

Why Try Barbell Bound?  

Barbell Bound turns strength training into an adventure in muscle exploration using the power of the barbell and resistance bands. Total body training to strengthen every muscle and boost metabolism, then finish every block with a core kicker. This balance between strength training and banded resistance training is bound to reap results for you in no time! 

What Is Barbell Bound Like?  

Barbell Bound alternates weighted barbell work and an unweighted band-resistance strength set. You can do MORE with LESS in this class. More training for the muscles with less risk or force on your joints. Each block alternates between upper body and lower body for a full-body workout. Similarly, the Core Kicker/Crusher Sets alternate between a weighted core exercise using plates and a resistance band core exercise. Take the leap into this class; you’re bound to see and feel results fast.  

Who Are Barbell Bound Classes Best For? 

Barbell Bound classes are designed to appeal to all fitness levels. From the beginning exerciser who has never taken a strength class, to the avid gymgoer in the front row, options are provided to raise the intensity to challenge all participants. Who wouldn’t benefit from more strength, higher metabolic rate and better bone density, PLUS having a blast doing it? 

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Is Barbell Bound a Good Workout? 

Barbell Bound sculpts and strengthens your whole body as you lift with barbell, then experience the bound rounds with the bands. Ultimately, you improve your: 

  • Strength. Barbells are the new must-have accessory. Barbell Bound is a non-intimidating meet & greet for barbell training and a fantastic way for you to feel empowered as you build muscle. 
  • Core Strength. Core kickers and crushers are specially designed to develop your core strength. Who doesn’t love a good ab burner!? 
  • Safety. Load your muscles not your joints! Adding more resistance using thicker bands is a safe, effective way to save your joints, reduce risk of injury and load up your muscles.  

How Difficult is Barbell Bound? 

6/10. All fitness levels welcome! Barbell Bound is a phenomenal introduction to barbell training! Barbell Bound contains two types of strength training alternating between the barbell and resistance bands finishing with a core kicker. You are switching often and landing with the core crusher so get ready for your stamina flex. Yes, you can do it! 

How Long Is Each Class? 

45 minutes of barbells and band work will have your whole body in stellar shape. Each set consists of Barbell Strength, a Bound Round, Core Kicker & Crusher. Repeat this sequence to train all your muscle groups effectively; we don’t want to miss a muscle! You’re bound to notice muscles peeking out in no time! 

What Should I Wear? 

Come ready to play. Typically, people wear sweat-wicking clothing that will offer ample coverage and will stay put and allow you to move with ease throughout the range of motion of exercises.  

Cross Training Gym Shoes. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that offer support and stability as you lift, lunge, and crunch during class.  

What do I need to Bring? 

Hydrate, my friend! Make sure you have plenty of water with you. Also, pack a towel in your gym bag to catch your sweat, as you will be dripping and glistening. Most importantly, bring a great attitude and smile to share. 

What Types of Strength Classes Are Available?

Band Camp 

Get ready to hear the music of your legs, glutes, and core in Band Camp, where flat bands become the instruments to sculpt your lower body into one lean, muscular powerhouse. Learn the patterns in Band Camp Basics, then advance to the Band Camp Booster level to orchestrate your muscles into a fat-burning ensemble. 


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Barre Bootcamp.

Become a lean, mean ballet dancer in this fusion class. Inspired by ballet and strength training, this high intensity barre class targets your arms, core, thighs, and booty to help you create a long, lean dancer’s body. Get ready to feel the barre burn. 

Belly, Butt &Thighs Bootcamp.

Focus on your lower half in this belly-busting, booty shaping, two-part intensive class that features a series of exercise combinations that target, you guessed it – your belly, butt, and thighs.  


Hang from the durable TRX® ropes to push, pull, lift, and lower your body through Spiderman moves for a total body suspension workout that also super-strengthens your core.  


This upper and lower body strength-based class utilizes heavier weights to provide a total body workout with balance, core and strength segment and chisel your muscles.  


Get ready to shake things up in this high energy, strength, and endurance workout as you shift in a circle from station to station using advanced strength equipment including Tomahawks, Sandbags and Barbells. Recover in the Epicenter with body weight exercises designed to cause tremors throughout your body. Come prepared to be moved! 

Push Point.

Explore your limits and push your boundaries in this Intense strength-based workout, alternating plyometrics and strength training. The Push Point utilizes Tabata intervals to create a rollercoaster ride of work! Participants alternate blocks of controlled lower body and heavy upper body weight training followed by the adrenaline rush of a power block of plyometric lower body work efforts and lighter upper body sculpting. Pattern the work, then PUSH it: that’s The Push Point! 


Focus on Strength, Length, Agility and Mobility and get SLAMMED in this hard-hitting high intensity class utilizing Hyperwear sand bells. You’ll slam, push, pull and drag your sand bell through a series of hardcore heavy hitting exercises designed to chisel your body and slam you into shape. 

Top It Off.

Shape and sculpt every muscle in your upper body in this two-part, heart-pumping workout. Using weights and isometric exercises, you’ll work through a series of sweat inducing exercises to tone and chisel your arms, shoulders, chest, and back.  

Looped In.

Get LOOPED IN to a great workout utilizing the Slastix Loop by Stroops. Shape and strengthen your lower body and chisel your abs in this workout that incorporates dedicated segments of lower body toning, core conditioning and explosive cardio intervals. This workout accelerates in intensity as the class progresses. Are you ready to be IN The LOOP?  

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