HIIT The Road

HIIT The Road

April 13, 2024

Get your Ride “tuned” up and turned up! HIIT The Road features a fun, festive party atmosphere, providing a phenomenal workout to super-hot music! Bass beats literally drive the RPM (revolutions per minute) or pace set during the work effort. HIIT The Road features dedicated work-to-rest ratios, utilizing Crunch’s signature three-stage progression. Triple the fun and true interval training at its best. 

Why Try HIIT The Road?  

HIIT The Road is an inclusive, interactive cycling experience honoring the principles of outdoor cycling training your legs and core. High Intensity Interval Training HIIT delivers the quickest fitness results for your heart and lungs in this cardiovascular training session. Crunch instructors are the best DJs, so prepare for some high vibe music and rhythm.  HIIT The Road is low impact, so save your joints and saddle up! 


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What Is HIIT The Road Like? 

HIIT The Road features high intensity interval training (HIIT) meets the HITS! Using interval training techniques, this class blows by as you move and groove to the HITS of each decade. Grueling work efforts are followed by recovery periods in this hardcore Ride class. The bonus? A fitter you in record time!  

  • HIIT The Road features all high intensity interval training throughout the workout. Dedicated work-to-rest ratios are utilized in a variety of patterns.
  • Each HIIT interval is repeated 3 times at increasing intensities (hard, harder, and hardest. 

Who Are HIIT The Road Classes Best For? 

All fitness levels, from beginners to cyclist pros, benefit from HIIT The Road. Since you control your resistance and cadence(speed), you are also in charge of your intensity. Find your Ride or Die bestie and bring them with you to experience it together! 

Is HIIT The Road a Good Workout? 

Because it’s low impact but not low intensity, cycling offers so many great results for your body on the bike: 

  • HIIT Training Benefits. High-Intensity Interval Training delivers some of the quickest fitness results of all training styles and is a foundational element of all formats of the Crunch Ride program. The built-in recovery allows athletes to attack repeated work segments with the same or higher intensity each time. This leads to increased fat burning and lowers insulin resistance.  
  • Cardiovascular Benefits. Because the heart rate remains elevated even during the recovery aspects of HIIT training, participants’ hearts get a workout! This leads to a lower resting heart rate and higherVO2max, better lung capacity. 
  • Strength Benefits. Legs get a great workout during The Ride, obviously, but so does the core, from stabilizing the body while standing to keeping good overall riding posture. This core strength improves overall balance and coordination as well.  
  • Joint Benefits. Cycling is one of the best low-impact exercise options for fitness fanatics trying to stay healthy while being kind to their hips, knees, and ankles.  
  • Safety Benefits. Indoor cycling can provide all the training benefits of outdoor cycling without risk of crash injuries 


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How Difficult is HIIT The Road? 

6/10. Well, as they say, it’s as easy as riding a bike. You are in control of your resistance and speed, so you control the level of difficulty. Hard, Harder and Hardest options will be provided during HIIT The Road. All fitness levels are welcome! 

How Long Is Each Class? 

HIIT The Road is a 45-minute cardiovascular workout incorporating pure athletic interval training and the latest technology set to motivating music of all decades.  

What Should I Wear? 

Come ready to play. Typically, people wear sweat wicking clothing that will offer ample coverage and will stay put and allow you to move with ease throughout the range of exercises on the bike.  Bike shorts may make cycling more comfortable for you.  

SPD Clip Cycling Shoes or Hard-Soled Cross-Training Gym Shoes.  Comfortable shoes that offer support and stability as you move and balance during class.  Clip-in cycling shoes improve the cycling experience but are not necessary. 

What do I need to Bring? 

Hydrate, my friend! Make sure you have plenty of water with you.  Heart rate monitors are helpful to track your heart rate during the intervals and measure your progress. Also, pop a towel in your gym bag to catch your sweat, as you will be dripping and glistening. Most importantly, bring a great attitude and smile to share.   

What Types of Ride Classes Are Available?

Heavy Mileage.

Put the pedals to the metal in this interval-based Remixed Ride workout. Rack up some major mileage through dedicated rounds of competitive cardio endurance on the bike, then dismount and kick it up a notch by adding upper body weight work into the mix off the bike. Weighted rounds are performed off the bike for maximum performance. Clip in to take on this challenge and get ready for some Heavy Mileage. 

Let The Beat Drop.

Take it to the CLUB and let your feet sync with the beat as we turn up the volume and get lost in the rhythm of the ride.  Your heart rate will be pumping to the bumpin’ tunes as our skilled RIDE coaches lead you through a results-driven cycle class using the power of high-energy music to drive your performance. 

No Judgements, No Limits: The Ultimate Ride.

Break through barriers, smash goals and torch calories in this signature ride that pushes your power to the max. Embodying our No Judgements, No Limits motto this ride class focuses utilization of the console to push increasing power numbers in a no limits, no holds barred ride class that will deliver the ultimate results. 


people in Ride class

Ride Yogi Ride.

Perfect for people who want it all, this spin and yoga combo session gets your heart pumping and limbers you up all in one session. 

The Ride  

Put the pedals to the metal in this fast-paced workout taught on a stationary bike. You’ll climb, sprint, and train to incredible music and extraordinary instruction. 

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