What Are the Best Group Cardio Classes at Crunch?

What Are the Best Group Cardio Classes at Crunch?

July 10, 2023

Of all the group fitness class types, cardio classes are by far some of the most popular. Rather than leaving you to grind out miles on the treadmill alone, these classes pair you with motivational instructors and other gym-goers to provide support, motivation, and–most importantly–results. No matter what kind of exercise you love best, Crunch’s diverse, carefully-curated list of gold-standard group fitness classes has something for you.

To help you choose from among our huge and ever-changing class list, we’ve outlined eight of the best group cardio classes that Crunch has to offer, each with its own unique way of delivering a great cardio workout. While these are some of our members’ favorites, always remember to check your local Crunch website for even more class options; you never know what might catch your eye.


Ignite20 is a red-hot group fitness class combining Tabata-style body weight exercises with high-octane burnout rounds inspired by HIIT classes. During this class, you’ll power through six rounds of workouts and movements, with each more challenging than the last.

As you go, your instructor and fellow group members will work alongside you as you push each other to go further than you thought possible. By the time the sixth round has ended and the last alarm has gone off, you’ll have a new appreciation of what it means to be fired up.


Have you heard of muscle confusion? Prepare to take that philosophy to the extreme with our Om HIIT group fitness classes, which combine two polar opposite exercises for maximum results. During each class, you’ll alternate between intervals of flowing, meditative yoga and intense exercise movements designed to get your blood pumping and build a well-rounded physique.

Right when you think you’ve hit the wall, instructors will guide you back into another “rest” period of yoga movements, challenging you to re-center and reset before it’s time for the next bout of high-intensity interval training. Om HIIT takes your normal yoga class and turns it into one of the most effective cardio routines you’ll find.


Sometimes you have to do a little breaking before anything can be built, and that’s exactly what Demolished was made for. In this group class, you’ll work the circuit by moving from station to station, each equipped with its own set of equipment and built for either intense cardio movements or strength training.

From tomahawk chops and sandbag tosses to barbell lifts, Demolished group workouts have no shortage of fun, challenging movements to keep your cardio interesting. Just when you think you can’t lift one more weight, you’ll transition to the circle’s “epicenter” to grind out bodyweight exercises that keep your heart rate up until you’re ready to rejoin the circuit.

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Belly, Butt, & Thighs Bootcamp

We all have our favorite muscle groups, and our Belly, Butt, and Thighs Bootcamp focuses on building and sculpting some of the best. During these group classes, instructors will push you through a rotating series of lower-body exercises designed to get you the results you want. From bodyweight squats and lunges to core-punishing abdominal movements, this bootcamp class will teach you a fitness routine you’ll never want to forget.

Beach Body Burn

We know that there’s no time like beach time, which is why we designed our Beach Body Burn to get you the most results in the shortest time possible. During each class, you’ll use a series of supersets (two or more exercises performed back-to-back) to minimize downtime and maximize workload.

In between these supersets, your instructor will push you to the limit with cardio challenges and six 1-minute Burnout Sets meant to burn up every ounce of effort you have left. By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready to hit the beach knowing you earned that body.

Badass Ballerina

If you’ve ever experienced Barre classes, you may know a little of what to expect from our Badass Ballerina class. Unlike a normal ballet-inspired routine, we focus on energetic dance routines intended to build balance and strength via choreography. To help, each class member is equipped with their own specially-designed exercise ball, which they’ll use for movements throughout the routine.

With all of the grace of a normal Barre class and the over-the-top energy of a Zumba class, the Badass Ballerina routine uses a dance fitness party to add a little badass to your ballet.

Cardio Tai Box Loaded

Kickboxing classes have long been considered some of the more challenging classes for cardio–and our Cardio Tai Box Loaded is no exception. Unlike a treadmill or cycling class, members punch and kick their way through challenging classes designed to keep you motivated and focused on each combination. As a one-two punch, instructors will also call for intervals of high-rep weight lifting to build strong, lean muscle and double down on results.

If you’re ready to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “hit the gym,” Cardio Tai Box Loaded is one of the best group fitness classes Crunch has to offer.

Work the Room

Every Crunch gym comes fully equipped with all the equipment and machines you can imagine, and our Work the Room fitness classes make full use of every single one. In each class, you’ll move from station to station, using everything but the kitchen sink to fuel a full-body workout. As you do, your instructors will gradually reduce the duration of each round while ratcheting up the intensity, a pattern that continues until one final, intense push of effort designed to push you to the absolute limits.

On top of a world-class cardio workout, our Work the Room will also familiarize you with almost every piece of equipment we have to offer–knowledge you can use to enhance or expand your personal fitness routine.

Which Crunch Group Fitness Class Is Best For You?

With so many options included in our Crunch Peak and Peak Results memberships, it can be a challenge simply deciding which group fitness class to try. Before making a decision, consider not only your fitness goals but also the types of exercises you’ve enjoyed in the past.

Do you love music and dance? If so, our Badass Ballerina or another dance-inspired cardio class might be best. If, instead, you want some of the stress relief that comes from throwing a few punches, our Cardio Tai Box classes could be perfect.

The point is that the best cardio will always be the type you most enjoy doing. By finding a class that you genuinely want to attend, you maximize your chances of sticking to a routine and seeing results. And no matter which class you end up choosing, our specially-trained instructors will be there every step of the way to help.

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Why Join a Crunch Group Fitness Class?

Beyond high-quality equipment, modern facilities, and enthusiastic customer service, we believe that group classes are one of the best ways for a gym to set itself apart from the competition. That’s why Crunch spends so much time developing new, exciting class types to spice up your routine and keep you coming back for more.

When you join with a Peak or Peak Results membership, you gain access to a comprehensive list of these classes. In each, you’ll experience the motivation and community only possible in group workouts, benefit from the years of experience offered by our team of fitness experts, and learn new ways to stay healthy. And, no matter which Crunch location you attend, you’ll have everything you need to find a group fitness class to match your experience level and flourish in our no judgment environment.

If you’re interested in trying out one of Crunch’s group cardio classes, check out what your local Crunch has to offer. For members on our Basic plan, consider taking advantage of our complimentary trial class pass to see whether a membership upgrade might be right for you.

Crunch’s group fitness classes promote a culture of fun with no judgments. It’s an environment for all types of individuals with various goals. Find a Crunch gym near you to try our free trial membership, or join Crunch now. Your goals are made to be crushed. With Crunch, you’ll have the tools, resources, and support to make it happen.

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