What has been your favorite memory at Crunch?

What has been your favorite memory at Crunch?

April 10, 2024

Tara Crosby, District Sales Manager: I have so many memories, most of them being the small day-to-day interactions with teams, colleagues, and members that I’ve been blessed to work with.

Juan M. Villafranca, Operations Manager: All the holiday parties, the two parties at Lafayette (21st and Under The Gym-fluence), and all the laughter.

Dianne Clemente, Equipment & Projects Manager: I’ve always loved the play on words Crunch had in the past, especially with the class names. I did have a lot of fun at an ECA Fitness tradeshow walking around “naked”’ At this tradeshow, we were launching ‘CrunchLIVE’ (currently named Crunch+), where I was representing a barefoot-inspired class called ‘BARE’ – see here! One more fun story was that a member emailed my Regional GF Manager praising me for my efforts and execution in overcoming a blizzard to make it to teach my class on time, which included trudging through the storm by foot, climbing over a snow bank to avoid getting buried alive by a snow avalanche, and hitchhiking with a delivery truck to the city. She forwarded the email to me, the entire GF management team, and the corporate team, praising my resilience to get to class. I was slightly embarrassed at the time but now I think that whole adventure is just too hilarious.

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On behalf of Andre Cravens, Crunch Group Fitness Manager

Sarah Sung, Group Fitness Instructor: There are so many great memories at Crunch. Many of my regulars are a bright spot, and their dedication is motivating for me! I must say one of the most memorable times for me at Crunch was when I was teaching a cycle class, and Nicole Kidman walked in.

Bishop Garland, Group Fitness Instructor: Crunch used to have amazing holiday parties. All the company employees would dress up and rock out at a club somewhere in NYC. Those were great times.

Andre Cravens, Crunch Group Fitness Manager: Teaching my Tuesday / Thursday morning bootcamps at Crunch New Montgomery before the pandemic is a favorite memory.

Victoria Fernans-Moore, Group Fitness Instructor: I suppose having Madonna take my Spin class and chatting afterward with her and Ingrid was a top memory.

Louis Rosales, District Sales Manager: There are many great memories, especially all of those holiday parties. One year, we had a contest to see which club brought the most employees together to the party. We rented a limousine and had about 35 employees from all different departments, arriving in style. It was such a unique experience for many.

Danielle Wettan, Group Fitness Instructor: My favorite memory of Crunch has to be meeting my husband. I was teaching a Ride class in 2008, and he walked in and took my class. He started coming regularly, and after a few months, he asked me out. We’ve been married since 2015!

crunch employees
On behalf of Juan M. Villafranca, Operations Manager

Sarina Jain, Group Fitness Instructor: I have been at Crunch for 25 years. My fondest memory is an overall one. I absolutely love teaching at Crunch as it was always a different vibe from the other gyms I taught at. I was able to be myself, teach my classes to my style, and be able to create a sense of achievement and community with my students.

Patty Yuen, Group Fitness Instructor: Crunch has been my second home for so many years. From its first studios in St. Marks Place and 13th Street and Lafayette – I was a cardio step nut, with allegiance to OG, Carl H. He nicknamed me, Firecracker. Also, Marc and I were at every single class for hip hop with Malin Z. Then, Crunch introduced me to my martial arts career beginning with Boxing (Terry S), Muay Thai, and Capoeira.  Also, Malin and Terry had a daughter, Ashaa, who has been back to teach dance at the end of 2023, so it was full circle when I took Ashaa’s class!

Ronni Carlier, Group Fitness Instructor: There have been too many good times to single any memory out! Just the overall feeling of belonging to a group of people determined to stay fit and help others do the same has been the best.

Carolyn Divone, Sr. Director, Operational / Informational Systems: Feeling like a star at every epic Crunch party has been such a great memory, whether it was the infamous Christmas parties, club anniversary parties, or club opening parties.

Liz Barkan, Group Fitness Instructor: Being fortunate to be the first instructor for the Spinning program created by Johnny G. It was here in NY at Crunch 13th Street and such a great experience!

Michael Lewis, Group Fitness Instructor: A favorite memory was meeting Anne M in my yoga class. I actually told her she was going to be my friend, which was almost 10 years ago. She is still my best gal pal and is now a yoga instructor. She also subs here at Crunch.

Carole Steinhäuser, Operations Manager: One of my standout memories at Crunch was during the vibrant era of 2006/2007 in South Beach. The atmosphere was electric, with celebrities and trendsetters everywhere, making Crunch the ultimate hotspot. Despite being initially introverted, I embraced the environment, which encouraged me to showcase my talents. I vividly recall a pivotal moment when a friend suggested I sub for her class at Crunch on Washington Ave. The positive feedback propelled me onto the sub list and later permanently on the schedule of this iconic gym, frequented by everyone in South Beach. Crunch SouthBeach was the “it” spot, and besides every promoter and model attending my classes, it was an honor to be considered among these world-class instructors. Even today, I can’t walk around Miami without encountering someone who has experienced that gym or attended my class. I am forever grateful to my friend for pushing me and believing in Crunch being the right fit for me. Sometimes it takes someone else to see something bigger than yourself.

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On behalf of Colin Kim, Group Fitness Instructor

Amita Balla, Vice President, Brand Excellence: There have been so many favorite memories, including Vegas, the first time I met Jim R, and close-outs! However, I think my first franchise convention in 2022 blew my mind. I am now part of the MX team, and every day is an incredible experience of collaborative and respectful leadership.

John Merrion, Director of Sales: Attending every franchise convention is a favorite memory. It’s great to see all the franchisees that we have brought into the system

Clifford Hahn, Group Fitness Instructor: My favorite memory is a mom carrying her handicapped daughter at our Fidi location putting her daughter on the bike setting her up, and riding with her daughter. Everyone joined as one, clapped, and motivated the mom and daughter. It brought tears to my eyes seeing the love and care and was so awesome.

Beth Jo Phillips, Group Fitness Instructor: The friends I’ve made and still have 25 years later have been a favorite memory!

Eric Forand, Group Fitness Manager: There are so many moments both in and out of the Group Fitness studios! I would have to say when Crunch was in the World Pride March in 2019. It was a purely magical moment that we all shared. Being able to represent Crunch was amazing, and as we neared the Stonewall Inn with “We are the Champions” blasting from our speakers, it was a moment I will never forget and will forever be grateful for.

Frank Pasquale, Vice President, Sales: I interviewed with Lynn C 18 years ago for a Regional Sales role at Crunch, and I remember being so excited when she offered me the job. We have been chasing numbers together ever since

Ellen Spivak, Group Fitness Instructor: A favorite moment was pre-pandemic when I taught a Sunday afternoon Park Slope yoga class, often with 50+ students. I was able to use my “comedic skills” to full effect, where the class would laugh while having so much fun doing the poses. It was absolutely joyous.

Colin Kim, Group Fitness Instructor: The incredible friendships have been my favorite memory. About 20% of my current class attendees took my very first class in March 2003. The loyalty and dedication of my students are so special, and I’m always in a state of gratitude. Every week, there are also unsure faces, timidly taking a class for the very first time. These are my favorite guests. To relieve them of all their anxiety and body-conscious doubt is why I remain in fitness. I don’t take it for granted that I get to experience a unique transformation that many people may never see or witness. It’s an experience of pure human kindness and social love.

Taz Shirota, Master Trainer: Many moons have come and gone, and I’ve gone from a young man to an older man. Through the years of educating the common public on knowledge about our body, which I think is by far the most important thing in life as we age and start to lose our youth, I think I’ve ended up learning the most for myself and what I can do to prevent common injuries and other complicated health issues.

crunch employees
On behalf of Dianne Clemente, Equipment & Projects Manager

Zuta Gilchriest, Group Fitness Instructor: One of my favorite memories is of the first Pole Dancing Showcase we did at the Union Square location in NYC. We had recently launched the class at Crunch Gym and we wanted to allow the members to perform and share the dance moves and “tricks” they had learned in class with their friends and family. The showcase was exciting because it was the very core of who we are as a brand bringing innovative, alternative, fun, empowering, and entertaining classes/events to our communities. The showcase was a huge success and something we repeated to sold-out audiences for many years after. I was also featured on a billboard hanging upside down on a pole, which was also really cool.

Michelle Opperman, Group Fitness Regional Director: The Crunch Live shoots were some of my ultimate favorite memories. I was so nervous and excited but beyond grateful for all that came after this opportunity in 2013. It is one of the movements that truly changed my life.

Kirstin Williams, Group Fitness Instructor: Teaching hot seat on Friday nights at Daly City Crunch and empowering all to embrace their bodies and own their power with sass and strength has been a favorite memory.

Sugen Ramos, District Fitness Manager: There are so many, it is hard to choose. I would have to say when I got promoted to Fitness Manager was a favorite memory. I knew having a set salary would help my family, and I remember like yesterday the joy I felt that day.

Randi Zinker, Corporate Accounts Manager: There are way too many memories to name one, especially after working at Union Square for seven years. Being a part of the fifth anniversary at that location was pretty special.

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