Purchasing a Gym Membership?

Purchasing a Gym Membership?

January 25, 2023

Purchasing a Gym Membership?

Here’s How to Make the Commitment Stick

A 2016 article in USA Today claimed that 67 percent of all gym memberships go unused. While this statistic may decrease as we dive into the thick of New Year’s resolutions and the focus on health and wellness rises, it showcases the fact that maintaining accountability in the gym is difficult.

Are you ready to commit to your gym membership? It’s as simple as signing a mental contract with yourself.

Gym floor

Understand Your Why

Your why is critical to the success of any vision in your life. But what exactly is this? Your why is your purpose in life or your reason for existence. Your why drives your daily attitude, thoughts, and decisions. When you hone in on your why, aligning all actions with that vision, that singular path becomes extremely simple. And understanding your why in the health and fitness category of your life is critical because your sense of direction isn’t as clear without it, which makes commitment and motivation extremely challenging.

Identifying your why in health and fitness allows you to center your mindset, see clearly the actions necessary to make things happen, and act on them. This decision will also make improving your sleep and relationship habits easier as you seek to align your other daily efforts around your ultimate vision for life, which includes your why in health and fitness as a pillar.

So, what is your why? Whatever your purpose for focusing on fitness and health, you must commit to that with such determination that nothing, absolutely nothing, will stop you from going to the fitness center and completing your workout program on time, consistently.

Write Down Your Vision & Record Your Goals

Take a moment to record your vision for health and fitness in 2023. Consider the tools required to crush these goals, such as cardio equipment, free weights, or involvement in group classes. Each of these are offered at our Crunch fitness center locations (amenities vary).

At Crunch fitness, we offer three distinct membership costs and levels. This includes our Peak membership, which includes:

  • Cardio, Weights, & Machines
  • Locker Rooms with Showers
  • CrunchONE Kickoff
  • Online Nutrition
  • Functional Training Area
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Guest Privileges
  • Crunch Live Online Workouts
  • Free T-shirt

We also offer a Peak Plus membership. This includes all the benefits of our Peak membership, along with access to our

  • Sauna
  • Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Racquetball Court

And finally, we offer a Peak Results membership. This includes all the benefits of our Peak Plus membership, along with access to our

  • Online Nutrition Program
  • Crunch Live Online Workouts
  • HydroMassage®
  • Tanning
  • Advanced HIIT Classes
  • Ride Classes
  • Towel Service

See here for additional information.

Now, take a step back and record the incremental health goals that will help you get there. This can include goals for strength training, weight loss, total-body enhancement, attendance at fitness classes, participation in personal training, and more.

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Don’t Do It Alone

The key to any commitment is to share it with others. Whether your goal is to lose weight, adopt new workout plans, incorporate stair climbers, or move up a class in free weights, by recruiting an accountability partner, such as a trusted friend or personal trainer, you’ll be more likely to follow through. Too many individuals weather their internal storms alone. Commitment is hard. And doing it alone is even harder. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to crush your health and fitness goals, keep your commitment to your gym membership, and build a stronger relationship with your accountability partner in the process.

Recruit an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is an excellent tool to help you accomplish your fitness goals, from weight loss to strength training, participation in small group training sessions, and more. They motivate, encourage, and keep you focused on the fitness goals you want to achieve. You can trust this individual to have a constant dialogue, including consistent feedback and check-ups, so you do not deviate from your goals and overall vision.

Join a Group Fitness Class

Group fitness classes are an excellent way to enhance your fitness levels and ensure your gym membership commitment sticks. They’re challenging and collaborative with just a hint of competitiveness. Not to mention, working out with your friends is both fun and motivational.

Your goals are made to be crushed. And with Crunch fitness, it becomes easier as we make fitness a delight. Crunch has our very own group fitness classes—from weight training to cycling, yoga, dance, and even some exploratory fitness methods. It’s collaborative and motivational, not to mention it’s a lot of fun. Specific class styles are available at select locations. Search here.

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Adjust Your Mindset

Most gyms offer strength training equipment, cardio machines, group classes, free weights, stair climbers, squat racks, stretching areas, yoga mats, locker rooms, and other perks. Some offer premium amenities, such as lap pools, tanning beds, racquetball courts, steam rooms, massage chairs, and basketball courts. While this is an impressive list, at the end of the day, only one thing matters, your commitment to your gym membership and vision.

The critical component here is to adjust your mindset. A fitness center isn’t a place to fear; it’s a place to enjoy. You should enjoy seeing the same faces at the front desk each morning or afternoon, enjoy the grind of lifting heavy weights or going new distances on the treadmill or elliptical, and enjoy the fun and fast pace of group fitness classes. Fitness is a reward, not a consequence.

Fitness is a Reward, Not a Consequence

Fitness is meant to make us feel strong, confident, and healthy. It’s essential to remember that calories, heart rate, minutes, reps, etc., are all data points. While they help track progress, they should not be used as collateral to grind you down and exhaust your systems. In fitness, it’s critical to celebrate the days when you have energy, smash a personal record, or learn a new skill. That doesn’t mean you punish yourself for days when these things don’t happen. Instead, view your gym membership as an opportunity to unwind, treat your body well, and relax your mind.

Repeat Your Why

If you struggle with commitment, it’s okay. The key is to repeat your why. Refocus on your vision daily. Understand that each action and decision you make either takes you in the direction of or further away from your vision. While the grind is difficult, it’s always worth it. It comes down to your willingness to get uncomfortable, make positive changes in your life, and decide to move forward in the direction of your vision. Remember to recruit an accountability partner, such as a trusted friend, mentor, or personal trainer. They can help you stay on track and motivate you.

Committing to your gym membership is as simple as signing a mental contract with yourself. If you’re interested in exploring all of the ways you can engage with our community at Crunch fitness, from gaining an accountability partner to joining a group fitness class, get in touch with a member of our team here.

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